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Technology continues to drive our nation’s search for energy, and entrepreneurial independent oil and natural gas operators will lead the way.  Horizon is dedicated to helping deliver reliable, efficient oilfield management to independent producers in the U.S.

This smart technology provides the information needed for performance analysis, problem diagnosis and equipment optimization. Controlling operations at ideal conditions and monitoring pump functions, the IntelliPumper can immediately identify operating problems. Through monitoring these conditions, the IntelliPumper can help reduce mechanical stress and equipment failures.

Easy to use, the IntelliPumper can be configured and controlled on-site or remotely by a host computer. It can be used as an unattended rod pump control system or as part of an overall strategy.

The IntelliPumper offers valuable economic and operating benefits made possible through the combination of sophisticated technology and industry experience.


The IntelliPumper is a rod pump control solution developed for the needs of oil and gas production. It allows for maximum production, equipment reliability and energy efficiency, significantly adding to profit. .


  • Maximizes total output

  • Reduces operational expenses

  • Improves pump efficiency

  • Extends equipment life

  • Reduces risk to people and equipment

  • Decreases energy consumption and waste

  • Streamlines data collection, sharing and analysis

  • Designed to work in harsh environments